As the location close to the nature, Arctic River Resort has
many interesting activities to offer in all eight seasons of Lapland!

At Arctic River Resort there is something to do for everyone. Do you want to experience the speed of a husky sled,
find the dancing Northern Lights in the sky or admire the snowy Lapland nature on a sleigh ride? Check out our activity offer.

Arctic River Resort offers plenty of outdoor activities in the summer. A fishing trip to the Ivalo river, exploring the surrounding area by bike,
a cruise to Lake Inari or do you just want to enjoy the peace of Lapland sitting on the shore line and enjoying the flowing river.
Not forgetting the nightless night of Lapland and the brilliant colours of the autumn fall.

If you have any questions or wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Aurora Hunting Safaris

Aurora Borealis, those magic lights dancing in the sky,
are our target on these tours.

It’s hard to describe the unbelievable experience of seeing them moving across the sky full of stars.You just have to see and feel them yourself. Come and join the tour to chase the Auroras!

Snowmobile safaris

Enjoy an amazing combination of beautiful nature and excitement of speed while riding snowmobile to snowy forests or to a small forest lake to try our fishing luck, maybe we’ll get a big catch.

For local people it is as common as driving car and very popular hobby.
When you go for a ride yourself, you will understand its popularity…

other arctic activities

Husky safari, reindeer safari, snowshoe walk, icefishing trips… just to mention some of our other activities. Let us lead you to experience the Lapland as it´s best.

We have a good reason to believe, that there are no boring days in Lapland! Check out our “recipes” for exciting and a memorable holiday…